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Tokyo | Gottfried Salzmann


Gottfried Salzmann’s TOKYO (2013) gives a stunning art face to the absolute delight that Tokyo is in the oriental World. From vibrant colors to impressive buildings to the little meandering lanes and broad streets, there is little that Salzmann’s artist eye has not brought to this giclée in handmade cotton paper. Giving a vibe of a rush of life and joy, this communicates in its sheer artistry - a time and space pulsating with the possibilities of what can be. Salzmann works with the sheer beauty of the moment rather painstakingly. Techniques such as watercolor, mixed media, photography, collage, charcoal come together under his sheer artistic genius to create stunning masterpieces. Signed and numbered by the very famous and greatly awarded artist himself, one can glimpse his work stand testimony to the city it reflects.

Year: 2013
Technique: Giclée
Paper: Handmade cotton paper
Edition #: 25
Signed: Lower right in pencil
Size: 61 x 42 cm (23.8" x 16.4")
Condition: In excellent condition

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