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Litografia original IV - Joan Miro


Playful lithograph by Spanish artist Joan Miró. This lithograph belongs to a serie of eleven original lithographs especially carried out by Joan Miró in 1972 for the portfolio 'Litografo Volume I' published by Editiones Poligrafa. The portfolio exists of six single pages and five double pages.

Artist: Joan Miró
Title: Litografia original IV
Portfolio: Litografo Volume I
Publisher: Ediciones Poligrafa
Year: 1972
Technique: Colour Lithograph
Size: 33,5 x 51 cm (13.1" x 19.9")
Printer: Maeght, Paris 1972
Verso: "Joan Miro - Litografia original IV".
Reference: Mourlot 860
Condition: In excellent condition

Joan Miro (1893 -1983)
In joyful rebellion against conventional painting methods, Spanish Surrealist Joan Miro’s art exudes an uninhibited childlike freedom of expression. Miro’s use of primary and secondary colors as well as organic shapes conveys a lively, energetic zest for life – a playground of the artist’s subconscious mind.

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