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Dance With Me | James Rizzi


'Dance With Me' is a vibrant and colorful lithograph by American Pop Artist James Rizzi. This artwork is a proof that was made outside the regular edition.

Artist: James Rizzi
Title: Dance With Me
Publisher: John Szoke Editions
Year: 2002
Technique: Colour Lithograph
Image Size: 5,2 x 7,7 cm (2.0" x 3.0")
Paper Size: 12,7 x 14,3 cm (5.0" x 5.6")
Condition: In excellent condition

James Rizzi (1950 - 2011)
James Rizzi the American 'Pop Artist' was born in 1950 in New York. He studied art in Florida (Gainesville), where he started experimenting with printing, painting and sculpting. Rizzi’s work often shows his birthplace New York. Rizzi is known for creating vibrant and colorful, almost cartoon-like drawings. James Rizzi is influenced by Picasso, Klee and Dubuffet.

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