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NY Perspektive I | Gottfried Salzmann


Gottfried Salzmann’s NY Perspektive I (2013) is a giclée on hand made cotton paper that truly represents what Gottfried Salzmann is celebrated for - creating visual artistry out of spaces without compromising with its reality. Moving from a space where he was known for his watercolours as he built an international reputation in the 1960s into using a wide range of media, over all of which he has an unprecedented hold altogether to express what his witnesses, Salzmann has maintained the crux of the city feels. His work speaks of the truth of the moment like none other.

The NY Perspektive I is no different. It has a strong biographical and artistically sound context. Moreover, it records New York with its familiar taxi cabs and private car trails, its lights, its buildings, all in a stunning artwork. All of Salzmann's series of work stems from his personal experiences and reflections as he lived across Austria, France and the United States. The visual aesthetics of his artwork thus speaks of something more and beyond it all. And the NY Perspektive I is what it says it is, a perspective of the famous city recorded faithfully by an artist of the greatest caliber.

Year: 2013
Technique: Giclée
Edition #: 25
Signed: Lower right in pencil
Image Size: 54 x 21 cm (21.1" x 8.2")
Paper Size: 61 x 27 cm (23.8" x 10.5")
Condition: In excellent condition

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